Leadership Development


Leadership Development provides training and development for student leaders through speaker series, workshops, conferences, and other events. In addition, the Student Life team develops student leaders through paid and unpaid positions, when they participate in various programs.


2012-12-11 15:43
This semester students had the chance to participate in three discussions about leadership with three different guest speakers. Jill Brockmann discussed "Leadership in the Age of Social Media," with a discussion and mock interview. Through this event students increased their knowledge about social media and how to better utilize social media in job searching. When polled afterwards 100% of participants said this event should be repeated, while many requested then and there for a "Part 2." Also in October, students met up with Donny Hurwitz to question "is doing the wrong thing ever the right thing?" through a discussion of Moral and Ethical Leadership. The final event of the semester was The Cultural Competency Leader with Dennis Rose, where students discussed "is America ready to start discussing ideas instead of people?" This spring students will be able to meet with more community leaders for the following presentations: The Civil Civic Leader - February 2 Leading in a...
2012-09-28 16:21
Today the South Austin Campus hosted Nuts & Bolts for student leaders, with 116 students attending for different ACC student organizations. This semester theme was Citizen Change, encouraging students to participate in service or volunteer activities and to understand the importance of civic engagement. Every one of the seven workshops and the associated guest speaker covered a different aspect of civic engagement. Students learned how to start a service project, how to get involved in local on-going community related projects, how to be politically active, and the importance of being an advocate for something that benefits society as a whole. Additionally, students learned how to connect their current studies with civic engagement and of the benefits received from improving local and global communities. Said one attendee, "I really feel that this Nuts & bolts has blown the previous ones out of the water! I loved the speakers and it made our time relevant and connected us...
2012-06-11 13:02
The SL Student Leaders for 2012-2013 just came back from a great retreat, where they learned more about their leadership style, met the other leaders for next year, and built up their teamwork.  If you'd like to join them and grow your leadership abilities while getting paid, there are still open paid internship positions for next year. Apply on My SL.  The following positions are still open:  Chair Director of Leadership Director of Diversity Director of Entertainment Director of First Year Experience Director of Marketing (work study) Director of Wellness (work study)